Live language training
anytime, anywhere

Customized learning, at less than half the cost,
rapidly deployable across your organization.

I gave a presentation to a room full of reporters in Mexico that was very successful. No way I could have done that without Lingo Live.
Business Man
Executive at Fortune 500 Technology Company

Lingo Live on iPhone Anytime, Anywhere Learning

Lingo Live students connect for live lessons at their convenience... from hotel rooms, at home, from work and anywhere else with an internet connection. Lessons are scheduled virtually with the click of a button and happen around the clock across time zones all over the world.

"I absolutely love that these lessons are run online, which allows me to plan them at a convenient time without having to travel."

~ Carla (Brazil)

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Transparent & affordable pricing

Our lesson plans, as low as $33 per hour of instruction, are less than half the cost of our competition. Why? Because our solution is entirely virtual so we don't pass the cost of expensive brick-and-mortar facilities onto our customers. A product and pricing built for the 21st century.

Private lessons that are 100% customized to the individual.

chart with upward progress Speak with confidence

Lingo Live's curriculum is customized to each organization. Communicative topics are selected by students based on their needs so that teachers can plan accordingly. These topics are nestled within our curriculum, based on the global standards for language proficiency: the Common European Framework of Reference.

World-Class Assessments

After each live lesson, students are evaluated according to their Communicative Ability as well as their Foundational Ability, thereby ensuring our language learners not only grasp the rules of the language but also are able to effectively converse with native speakers.

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Rapidly-deployable, customized learning

Lingo Live clients reduce adminstrative costs and eliminate logistical headaches through our seamless Employee Activation Portal™. Created specifically for your organization, the Employee Activation Portal takes care of registration, approval, activation and onboarding in a matter of seconds.

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Measure progress & engagement across your organization through our Bird's Eye View™ HR Dashboard tool. We believe organizations should be able to measure the impact that language training has on their business.

Transparent Results

The Bird's Eye View™ Report shows you how many lessons your employees are taking, where they are located, and how those lessons are leading to real progress relevant to your organization.

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